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Camp rama » Camp Rules

  1. Hungarian Baptist Camp rues are to help us in our conduct which will reflect Christ in all that we do.
  2. Each camper and faculty member will follow the schedule unless excused by the camp director.
  3. NO ONE, faculty or campers, is permitted to leave the camp property without permission of the camp director.
  4. The use or possession of alcohol, illegal drugs, or tobacco is prohibited. Visitors are requested to refrain from using such while on the camp property.
  5. Automobiles are to be locked and parked in specific areas only. Campers who have a vehicle at camp are to turn their keys over to the camp director.
  6. NO phones, pagers, radios, tape or CD players, video games, magazines, comic books, novels, or pets. Musical instruments are your own responsibility and not the camp’s.
  7. Please keep in mind as you are packing for camp that you should glorify God in all that you do and the way that you dress. Shorts and skirts that are too short are not accept- able. Pants and jeans should not be too tight. Only modest T-shirts and tank tops that cover underclothing and the body appropriately may be worn — no spaghetti strap tank tops. No two-piece or immodest one-piece bathing suits are allowed. A long T-shirt or some other covering must be worn to and from the lake. If your style of dress is considered inappropriate by the camp director or cabin parents, you will be expected to change.
  8. Any damage to camp property will be the responsibility of those committing it.
  9. Respect the property of others. Stay out of other people’s belongings. We do not want practical jokes that will hurt and embarrass someone or damage property.
  10. All medicine is to be left with the camp teacher when you register. The teacher will dispense the medicine to the camper.
  11. The telephone is to be used only with permission from the camp director.
  12. Camp Fires are to be made ONLY under supervision of adults and permission of Orillia Fire Department.

The camper who is unable or unwilling to abide by these rules should not enroll and may be dismissed from camp.

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